Halloween Tip – The Most Popular Costumes

It’s countdown time to decide on costumes. We have divided some ideas into three categories – children, female and male. So, if you plan to dress your young one in a costume you may also join in the festivities and wear a costume of your own.

    If you are still pondering the idea of how to dress your child for this occasion, or, perhaps your child disagrees with all of your ideas, then you may wish to consider some of the most popular children’s outfits. These are not presented in any special order: Wonder Woman, T-Rex Child, Snow White, the Glitter Witch, Dorothy – the Wizard of Oz, Power Rangers, Spider-Man 3, Harry Potter, and the Shrek Princess Fiona are all possible ideas.

    According to HalloweenMart.com these kid’s costumes are the most requested costumes for Halloween:

    • # 1 Power Rangers
    • # 2 Candy Clown
    • # 3 Petite Pirate
    • # 4 Wayward Clown
    • # 5 Superman Returns
    • # 6 Headless Horseman
    • # 7 Regal Princess
    • # 8 GoGo Girl Yellow
    • # 9 Dr. Toxic
    • # 10 Sumo Inflatable Child

    Mom and Dad can have a great time dressing up – we’re never too old and this gives each of us a great reason to become our secret fantasy. Dad can prove that Elvis is still alive. If dad has gained a few pounds that’s o.k. because he is Elvis in his older years; the Boy Wonder Robin, a Pirate, Superman, a scary Jack the Ripper, Fred Flintstone can all be fun characters. Mom may choose to be the glamorous Elvira, Venus, or the interesting character, Betty Boop. A Wicked Witch, Supergirl, and Athena are all popular choices.

    Several of the costumes for men, women, or children can easily be made at home with little effort and few materials. Other characters include a clown, a hobo, and a ghost that require little preparation. Whatever your choices, make the evening a family affair and have fun! To make your evening even more fun visit us at CarvingForKids.