Halloween Tip – Teaming Your Child for Trick-or-Treating

Most children reach the age where they no longer want their parent to walk with them when they go out trick-or-treating. This can cause the parent considerable concern as their thoughts turn to “what if?” These concerns are common and certainly expected. The child wants his/her independence; the parent wants to protect.

You need to understand it is you. It may be hard to accept but the fact is that your child wants his independence because he doesn’t want his/her friends calling him/her names because the parent pops up at every house.

There are alternatives. First, if your child is at that age where s/he still has a babysitter then why not employ this person for the evening. Let this young adult go out and help your child to have an evening of fun.

If your babysitter isn’t available you might call on an older brother or sister. You might consider other family members – cousins, or even friends of the family. This will be a tough decision for some parents to make – but, the time will come and you will need to know and understand what you plan to do when that time arrives. You also need to understand that we have more ideas for you at CarvingForKids. Go take a peek!