Halloween Tip – Spook House or No Spook House?

Most children, young adults, even older adults enjoy going to a haunted house, walking through, and getting scared at every turn. Halloween is the time of year when the haunted houses make their debut for a few days and invite you in (for a fee, of course) to scare each of you as you’ve never been scared before.

You may give the decision considerable thought before deciding if you want your child to participate in such an activity. And, this is wise. Sometimes very young children might be frightened so badly it can scar him/her for life. We certainly don’t want this. You know your child best. You are the only one who can decide if your child should go; if your child is old enough to understand the events occurring inside the house; or if your child will enjoy what they will see.

If your previously brave child enters the house and immediately becomes upset then you may consider leaving the house. If your child is crying and asking to get out, once you’ve started the tour, then you should take your child out of the house at the nearest exit. Again, you know your child and you need to make that decision.

Of course, dad might get a kick out of his testosterone-filled 14 year-old-son who spends the time driving to the haunted house talking about how nothing scares him and how everything is so fake. He continues on and on until arriving at the house. Dad looks at his son and sees his assured look has changed to reveal a little concern. Should dad laugh, once inside, when the dead monster jumps out of nowhere causing his son to let out a little scream? Hmmm, as we said earlier, you know your child best!

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