Halloween Tip – Should I Drive My Child to A Wealthier Neighborhood to Trick-or-Treat?

This is another Halloween decision that only you, the parent, can answer. It doesn’t seem necessary to take your child elsewhere because your child will be rewarded in his/her own neighborhood by families who know your child and maybe your family. It will give your child a false sense of Halloween – that s/he can’t have a good time in his/her own neighborhood. It will cost you gasoline money. No one can say for certain that a wealthier neighborhood will be anymore generous than your own neighborhood.

I imagine all of the adults reading this faced the same issue as a child. You might want to reflect back to that special night and recall the details. Did you have a better time being outside of your own neighborhood? Did you collect a great deal more expensive candy? Were the people nice to you? Did you feel comfortable in this unknown environment?

No scientific data has ever been collected, that we are aware of, that suggests going to a more expensive neighborhood will bring in a bigger haul of candy. Your child knows his/her neighborhood. Most likely your child feels more comfortable in his/her own environment. If your child faces some kind of a crisis chances are that someone will know his/her identity that is from your neighborhood. This is another choice for you to make at Halloween – another choice we invite you to make right now is to visit our site: CarvingForKids. We have some fun ideas that you and your children will enjoy.