Halloween Tip – Safety in Numbers

We have discussed your child going out on Halloween night in other Tips. Tips have included the parent following along walking with the child, and, as your child grows older, staying at a distance. We have also discussed your child going out trick-or-treating with a baby-sitter, brother or sister, or other friend or family member. However, your child will eventually reach the age where this situation changes – when they reach the age of independence.

No one can give us a magic number when a child reaches the age of independence. When Halloween comes around it’s kind of like magic – you will know and s/he will know. What to do, what to do?

Take a deep breathe. The night has come where your son or daughter wants to go out and meet the ghosts and the witches without you tagging along, without the babysitter, or with any adult you have in mind. It is important that your child have at least one friend s/he can go to the different houses with – if several friends are available it is even better. We all remember being told, “There is safety in numbers.” This is true. If your child trick-or-treats alone, although s/he may be perfectly fine there is always the fear your child may be hurt with no one to assist; an unknown stranger may attempt to get your child into a car; some older children may try to bully your child. Although all of these things can happen even if there is a group of children – odds are less likely your child will be bothered.

Set the rules for your child. Open the door. Let him meet up with his friends. Close the door and take a deep breathe. Independence can be a difficult lesson for everyone concerned. However, when your child returns home you will know you have done a great job raising your child! It was a successful evening!

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