Halloween Tip – Insect Repellants – To Spray or Not to Spray

We’re all aware of the West Nile Virus, particularly if we live in an area where there have been documented cases. There is no reason to take a chance of your child being exposed to such let alone to mosquito bites, in general, or other insect bites.

Before your child goes trick-or-treating you should have a repellant ready to apply to his/her skin. The questions: what is the best brand, the best ingredients, the best protection? We cannot recommend any certain brand. Instead, we suggest you visit your local pharmacy and discuss the matter with a competent pharmacist. Give him/her the needed information such as the age of your child, any known allergies, and so forth.

Once you have determined the repellant you want to buy make certain you follow all of the directions when applying it to your child. There are a number of common rules to follow for everyone. You should apply the repellent to your own hands and then rub your hands on the child. Do not apply any repellent around the child’s eyes and mouth. Do not use too much around the ear area. Do not use repellent on any broken or irritated skin. Once your child returns for the evening you should wash the repellent with soap and water.

Using a safe insect repellent will help your child to have a more enjoyable evening – s/he won’t be bothered with mosquitoes and other insects that might interfere with the fun. Speaking of enjoyable, we invite you to frequently visit our site, CarvingForKids. We have a number of creative ideas to make Halloween that great day it is intended to be.