Halloween Tip – Flashlights, Tape, Keeping Your Child Safe

Halloween! October is nearly ending which signals another special trick-or-treat date. The evening is the time your child waits for when thinking about this magical night. It is important that your child, no matter what age, be prepared to go out into the night and be safe.

You have prepared a great meal for your child before the evening begins. Next, prepare your child by applying insect repellent prior to him/her leaving the house. Make certain you are walking with your child or s/he is with a babysitter, relative, friend, or with a group of friends.

The costume should be fire retardant. It shouldn’t be too long which may cause your child to trip. Your child’s shoes should have a good fit. Your child should have a flashlight, glow stick, and reflective tape on the costume.

Hopefully your child will not eat candy along the trick-or-treat route; once home you should sit down with your child and examine the treats for tricks. This will also be the time you put your “plan” into gear, whatever you have decided with your child (s/he may select five pieces of candy, and so forth).

We wish you a great Halloween!

What a great evening! You have created a successfully, exciting evening for your child. Halloween has ended for another year! Don’t be disappointed though as you have just 365 days until it starts all over again. Thank you for visiting our site, CarvingForKids. We hope you will visit us again so we can share some free ideas with you. Happy Halloween!