Halloween Tips – Picking and Purchasing a Pumpkin

You have a number of choices to make when the day arrives to purchase a pumpkin.

You can find all shapes and sizes of the pumpkins in most every grocery store. However, what can be more fun than to go to the local pumpkin patch? Be prepared, the minute you pull into the large display, for your child to wildly open the car door, leap outside, and run as fast as s/he can to the bright, orange displays. You will have hundreds to choose from – some as small as a fist, others as large as a chair. Your goal will be to hopefully direct your child to the pumpkin you both can live with and to lug home. Whatever choice you make just make certain your child has some say in the final decision.

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Time for Celebration, Costumes, Candy and Carving Pumpkins

Halloween is one of those great celebrations children and adults alike look forward to year after year.Children dress in their favorite outfits. There are parties at the schools. Then, as sunset nears on the eve of Halloween, children once again don their outfit, get a large shopping bag, and head out to go “trick-or-treating.”

This popular American tradition has been with us for decades and will continue on for many more. Halloween, originally named Samhain, All Hallow’s Eve, or All Saints’ Eve, came from the Celts of Ireland and eventually made it into North America in the nineteenth century.

Kids in many parts of the world dress up as creatures from the underworld to scare off evil spirits, thus costumes such as ghosts, ghouls witches and more.

CarvingForKids invites you to join us during the month of October for 31 days of fun filled Halloween tips on how to make this month safe, spooky and fun. Before the day approaches we invite you to visit our CarvingForKid’s website to download free pumpkin carving templates and other exciting and unique ideas.