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Trick or Treating Tips for Kids

Halloween is a fun time for children and adults alike, but it can also be a stressful day if you don’t have the right advice. Here are some tips to make Halloween easier! If your child is going trick-or-treating, teach them how to stay safe by having them go door-to-door with a list of requests. […]

Halloween Tip – Flashlights, Tape, Keeping Your Child Safe

Halloween! October is nearly ending which signals another special trick-or-treat date. The evening is the time your child waits for when thinking about this magical night. It is important that your child, no matter what age, be prepared to go out into the night and be safe. You have prepared a great meal for your […]

Halloween Tip – Safety in Numbers

We have discussed your child going out on Halloween night in other Tips. Tips have included the parent following along walking with the child, and, as your child grows older, staying at a distance. We have also discussed your child going out trick-or-treating with a baby-sitter, brother or sister, or other friend or family member. […]

Halloween Tip – Insect Repellants – To Spray or Not to Spray

We’re all aware of the West Nile Virus, particularly if we live in an area where there have been documented cases. There is no reason to take a chance of your child being exposed to such let alone to mosquito bites, in general, or other insect bites. Before your child goes trick-or-treating you should have […]

Halloween Tip – How Much is Too Much Candy for My Child to Eat?

Think back to one of our other tips – we suggested you make sure your child enjoys a very nice meal shortly before going out trick-or-treating. This, alone, will help somewhat to calm your child’s appetite when s/he returns from the great event. That does not mean, however, that your child will just hand you […]

Halloween Tip – Teaming Your Child for Trick-or-Treating

Most children reach the age where they no longer want their parent to walk with them when they go out trick-or-treating. This can cause the parent considerable concern as their thoughts turn to “what if?” These concerns are common and certainly expected. The child wants his/her independence; the parent wants to protect. You need to […]

Halloween Tip – Spook House or No Spook House?

Most children, young adults, even older adults enjoy going to a haunted house, walking through, and getting scared at every turn. Halloween is the time of year when the haunted houses make their debut for a few days and invite you in (for a fee, of course) to scare each of you as you’ve never […]

Halloween Tip – The Most Popular Costumes

It’s countdown time to decide on costumes. We have divided some ideas into three categories – children, female and male. So, if you plan to dress your young one in a costume you may also join in the festivities and wear a costume of your own. If you are still pondering the idea of how […]