What is Carving For Kids Pumpkin Templates?

And why purchase them…

What are Carving For Kids pumpkin templates?

Carving For Kids downloadable templates are created to make your life easier. If you or your kids are not the best at drawing, or you don’t have the time or creative ideas, or any other reason, then these templates are perfect for you. Simply purchase, download, print, apply to your pumpkin and carve away.

Who created Carving For Kids downloadable art and the website?

Phelan Riessen has enjoyed creating websites for himself and others since 1998. He also had a custom silkscreen shop in San Diego. His main work was creating custom printed T-Shirts, embroidered apparel, and promotional products for small and large businesses locally and nationally.

Phelan’s goal is to continually design and build websites that raise money for great causes 24 hours a day. These sites are aimed to reach out to hundreds and thousands of people like you at any given time; NonStop Marketing also creates partnerships with others to achieve these website goals.

The vision is to create themed websites from small to large concepts that reach out to people like yourself in hopes to make your life easier and more fun. Sharing creativity and the love of the Internet is the driving force behind these concepts.

We hope this explains a little more of who Carving For Kids is and hopefully eases some of the questions you may have.

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Carving for Kids creates easy to use, pumpkin carving patterns, templates, and designs for kids and adults alike that want to carve their own pumpkins for Halloween.

Download free templates to try out here and get free tips on how to make your Halloween more fun and spookier! Or if you would like, purchase our complete Pumpkin Carving Template eBook here.